A constant council theme of the Harney rezoning proposal to heavy industry on Joe B. Jackson is that it isn’t near any homes.

If it were next to Amazon, as the vice mayor stated recently, it would be even closer to the homes in Magnolia Trace. Tenby Drive ends in a stub practically in Amazon’s back yard. We measured distances from the parcel, which lies between NHK auto seating and the Subway restaurant. We specific in each case which property line we are using as a base.

Our measurements come from Google Maps, which allow you to draw straight-line measurements as the crow (or smoke) flies

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Here are our results

@ Our first target address is Mannon Court in the Magnolia race subdivision: 2,808 feet from NHK.

@ Prairie View Drive, also in Magnolia Trace: 4,443 feet from Subway and 2,731 feet from the NHK property line

@ Aurora Circle in Sunset Ridge: 1949 feet from NHK and 3648 feet from Subway

@  Warmingfield Dr. (Del Sol): 2696 feet from the NHK property line

@ Apple Cross Ct.  (Sommersby): 3,396 feet

@ Callaway Court: (1) from Subway, 5,166 feet; from NHK, 3,176 feet

@ Youree Rd, from Subway: 1.2 miles

@ Council Bluff Pkwy from Subway, 1.18 miles

@ Red Mile Rd at Manchester Pike (from NHK): 1 mile

@ The huge homes on Coldstream Rd (from Subway) 1.47 miles

@ Irby Lane (From NHK):  1.37 miles

@ 12 Oaks (from NHK): 1.5 miles

@ Dilton Mankin Rd at Manchester Pike:  3,462 ft.

@, Savannah Ridge (from Subway): 1.1 miles

@ Whitworth Buchanan Middle School (from Subway): 2.12 miles

@ Gum Road (from Subway): 3.27 miles

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