We showed the power of numbers on July 9th. Now let’s keep the ball rolling by talking to each other. (The follow button, which notifies you of new posts is now at the very bottom of the page.)

Our new editor
Our new editor

First, I am proud to announce that we have hired a new person to oversee all editorial content here at gaspchoke.com. We hope you will all welcome him. His name is Chicken Little.

I live in the middle of Magnolia Trace, so I probably have less of a stake in this fight than many of you. I certainly have no personal ambition. I’m a 74-year old guy who had finally found his life’s work — goofing off. But a wrong is happening here, and I want to help empower you to fix it. Click the “Follow” button and get an email message whenever something new appears on the site.

1. Join the Community Forum and start talking to other people like you.

Here’s how to comment on the forum. There is a comment section at the bottom of each post I publish. Write your comment there, and I will manually put it on the Community Forum page where it is handy for everyone to see. Often I respond when a comment seems useful. Here is a link to the Community Forum http://wp.me/P5ZA8p-7h

Our Community Forum is like the Business Park we hope to see on Joe B. Jackson. Maybe something good will come from a lot of minds in our area thinking out loud together. I would love it if you guys took over, and I could return to my retirement knitting.

2, Ask council to give us a 21st Century plan instead of one from the 1980s

We are also asking you to contact the council members about fixing the zoning ordinance so we don’t have to rely on a pledge sheet of what a developer promises not to build on JBJ. Give us a clean zone with any kind of development that doesn’t pollute — like NHK Seating. Put the stuff we hate away from homes. If the council members weren’t smart enough to create an industrial area away from homes, it isn’t our fault. That’s what smart cities do.

Also ask the council members to give the planning consultant’s idea of a business park a chance on Joe B. Here is how to contact the council members:

Mayor Shane McFarland

email: smcfarland@murfreesborotn.gov

phone: 615 642 9244

Councilman Ron Washington

email: ron.washington@comcast.net

phone: 615 890 0097

Councilman and Vice Mayor Doug Young

email: dyoung@murfreesborotn.gov

phone: 615 893 7721

Councilman Eddie Smotheman

email: esmotherman@murfreesborotn.gov

phone: 615 653 6103

Councilman Bill Shacklett

email: bshacklett@murfreesborotn.gov

phone: 615 893 2369

Councilwoman Madelyn Scales Harris

email: mscalesharris@murfreesborotn.gov

phone: 615 804 8955

Councilman Rick LaLance

email: rlalance@murfreesborotn.gov

phone: 615 631 6368