As expected, the city”s Board of Zoning Appeals voted unanimously today to grant a use permit to Key Oil Co. of Kentucky for a warehouse on Joe B. Jackson. The company stressed that it is a wholesaler of petroleum products and will do no refining here.

Key Oil is relocating its warehouse that serves this area from Nashville to Joe B. Jackson. The Nashville warehouse has 23 employees, but the company said it could expand that labor force here in the future. It said it wholesales its products to places like auto dealer garages and service stations like Phillips 66.

The 21.6-acre parcel, which lies between NHK and Subway on Joe B.Jackson, is being split into three properties. After the meeting, John Harney, a commercial real estate agent, said he is talking to several people about the developing the balance of the property.

Darrell Kington, vice president of lubricants at Key Oil, said the facility will be much like the one in this video: