There is always a problem when people write to impress their readers rather than communicate ideas in simple terms. In this series, which has been voted best in Murfreesboro for five straight years, we give you what the city’s planning consultant is saying without all the highfalutin’  talk. We believe the days when we could impress anyone are long past.

You can read the existing draft chapters of the plan by clicking It’s a terrific cure for insomnia.

But why not cheat and read our “Cliff’s Notes” type summaries of what’s in the plan? We guarantee we can get you a passing grade on the final. Here are articles we have posted on the study so far:

— With real estate prices rising in Nashville, this city could capture some of the small recording industry businesses there that are looking for cheaper rents. To read this story, click on the link:

— A sense of place is a feeling rather than something tangible you can get your hands on. But cities like Franklin have learned it can mean money in merchants’ pockets. Click:

— We need to get into the game with an innovation district and an incubator for startups. Click:

— We lose if we let the chain stores force out the mom and pop operations because more money from the latter remains in the local economy. Click:

— We have done surprisingly well attracting businesses with a half-empty tool box: Click

— The consultant who is helping the city plan for the year 2035 unveiled his draft land use map Tuesday (Oct. 27th) and briefed city officials on simplifying Murfreesboro’s 37 zoning districts. To read this story, click:

— The overture: We boil the consultant’s dazzling array of facts and figures into something that is almost manageable. Click to read this section before the musicians file in.

— Revitalizing the downtown area. Click:

— Stimulating neighborhoods so they aren’t just collections of houses. Click and moving toward higher density. Click

— (1) Maintaining enough drinking water and (2) dealing with potential flooding problems. Click:

— The need for more parks. Click:

— Getting creative people to come here and stay here. Click:

— Maintaining quality schools here as the student population explodes. Click

— What are we going to do with all that trash that’s piling up? Click:

— Officials want to make housing more affordable for more people in Murfreesboro. Click to read how they plan to do it.