Some people have characterized this blog as being against progress, change or development. The truth is we recognize the inevitability of growth and the need for jobs as much as anyone.

The chicken became our mascot after some of our critics complained that we were scaring residents unduly by proclaiming that the sky is falling. We hired the bird of the spot.

But we support planned growth, carried out by city planners, not haphazard growth resulting from a series of rezonings. We support the idea of a comprehensive or general plan that has the force of law. And we don’ believe a 20-foot buffer is adequate separation between homes and heavy industry.

Finally, we recognize that plans hatched in the 1980s may not be suitable for Murfreesboro in the 21st Century. In our view, the land around Joe B. Jackson is too big an asset to be developed in piecemeal fashion by whatever an individual developer drags in. We have a plan and standards for the city’s central business district. Does Joe B. deserve less?